Monday, August 3, 2015

Time for Back to School

Is it really that time already?! Well, let's get ready to go! Whether you need a little inspiration or you are ready to jump back in, Sir Ken Robinson can really remind you of your purpose and motivate you to jump back in.

Sir Ken Robinson Bring on the Learning Revolution
Sir Ken Robinson on TED

One of the things I love about back to school is the fresh start we get every year. I also love that my school takes on a new theme each year. The theme is always centered around a learning adventure, but the decor changes. For example, sometimes we are Swinging Into a New Adventure with a rainforest twist. Sometimes we are Taking off Into a Learning Adventure with space or superheroes. The best part is the whole school is decked out in the theme. Each hallway is decorated and even the rotunda is in full theme decor! The atmosphere feels alive and electric. It makes coming through the doors a magical experience. Here are some examples below. 

To go with the multiple themes, I have created some resources that allow you to prepare for the beginning of the year. Each pack comes with the following resources: 

Get Ready (Room Decor and Theme Ideas)          
Ideas for classroom decor 
Themed choices
Bulletin board ideas and templates
Name tags and team tags with different themes to choose from
Themed Numbers for behavior chart
Desk Nameplates
Name Tags or Multipurpose Labels                           
Multipurpose Labels                    
Book Bins  Labels                         
Welcome Back Theme Post Cards
Behavior Management System - Themed
Behavior Certificates
Changing Choices Contract
Weekly Folders
Super Hero Behavior Plan
Back to School Super Hero Pack 
Western Themed Samples and Behavior Charts Below
Back to School Western Theme

Get Set (Back to School Open House)
Open House “Giving Tree” Leaves
Open House Ideas and Directions
Open House Sign In Sheet #1
Open House Sign In Sheet #2                                                                                                      
Open House Scavenger Hunt
First Day Note (Parents write a note to students for the first day of school)
Something I Want You to Know
Parent Communication Record

First Week of School
Parent Letter 
Parent Packet Cover Sheet
Sample Classroom Schedule
Homework Contract
Classroom Contract
Parent Survey #1
Parent Survey # 2
All About Me 
Star Student
Beginning of the Year Survey
Create a Character - You Can Not Erase Words Activity
Classroom Compact (Goes With Create a Character)
Find A Classmate Who
Classmate Bingo
Venn Diagram Activity - Look Who Has “Venn” Working Together
School Year Goal Setting
Classroom Routines and Procedures
Behavior Graph
Team Signs
Binder Cover Sheets for Subjects
Back to School Packs and More!
Back to School Resources
I also have collected some really great ideas from teachers all over on my Pinterest Boards. I have boards for all different themes. There are tons of Free ideas for each type of classroom. 
Trina's Theme-based Pinterest Boards
Trina's Boards

Also, as an I hope you have a great year gift, I would like to also provide you a Free Preview of my Back to School Exit Slips.
Free Preview of Exit Slips
Free Exit Slip Preview

Have a great year. Happy Teaching!


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