Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals for the New Year!

So I went back to school today for a new year in 2015! The kids were pretty mild, as they all were still pretty sleepy. It was great to see all of their smiling faces. 

One of my favorite things to do as a class is to make goals for the New Year. (Much like resolutions, I hope they stick!) So this year I used a Scoot game I created last year. Scoot is so fun! It is such a great way for kids who need to move while they learn to get up and get moving. Each student had a recording sheet, like the sheet below. I placed task cards on each desk. Students move around the room answering the questions/prompts on the card. They record it in the correct number that aligns with the question/prompt. They can move at their own pace. I usually have 3-4 extra cards at various seats in the room so that there is always an open spot. 

There were four different categories that the children answered questions or were prompted to write about. The categories included:
 Smarter You!
 Braver You!
 Active You!
Better You!

This was such a fun way to reflect on things from last year, make goals for this year, and really think about how to better ourselves in 2015!
The kids and I had a blast. Make this a part of your New Year's traditions. It is available in my store for FREE! Happy New Year!
New Year's Goals (Task Cards) FREEBIE


  1. This sounds so fun! :-) Thanks for sharing….

  2. What a creative way to start the new year with the kids... love it!

  3. Fun! Scoot is a great way to do this activity! Love it!