Monday, January 26, 2015

A Heart of Gratitude

Gratitude is a practice. It results in positive thinking. In a difficult time and world, the one true factor that can make the most impact is exercising gratitude. It is complex, yet very simple. The cause of resentment and poor behavior is a direct result of feeling undervalued, not worthy, not heard, and not cared about. When we focus on the things in which we do value and are the most grateful for, we can change resentment into gratitude and love. Recognizing and expressing gratitude towards children can change everything. Expressing gratitude is a simple answer for a complex problem. We need to stop thinking about gratitude as an emotion, and begin to live it as an action. Living your life as an expression of gratitude is the greatest give you can give a child and yourself. 
Gratitude Journal

When children thank while they think, they think better and deeper. Thankfulness teaches children to be in the present, and they want to give back. This journal is meant to help children begin to walk in gratitude. Remember that gratitude practices are not about smiling more and being positive, it is about recognizing the hard part and focusing on the things for which we are grateful. 
How can we start? We can live by example. We need to thank our students more. We need to share specifically what we are thankful for about them on a daily basis. If not, we are missing the daily practices that can change EVERYTHING.

I’ll start. Thank you for your interest in this blog. Thank you for the job you do each day. Thank you for making it your life’s work to change the world one student at a time. I am grateful for your support. I am grateful to work among you.

Trina Deboree (Dralus)

Meaningful Mama has a great list of books that help teach generosity and giving.
Meaningful Mama Blog


  1. I will go next! :-) I thank those parents who truly "get" how much of ourselves we pour into their children each and every day! …because there are some days we have given so much of ourselves that we find it hard to have anything left for our own children/family. Thank you Trina for your thoughtful post. :-)Robin

  2. Trina, this is a beautiful post. I love the reminder that gratitude is a practice and not an emotion... we have to be deliberate in our mindfulness about it. I love Robin's comment... now I'll go. I am thankful for the children, but I am also thankful for teacher-friends who continue to give everything they have to a profession that is hanging on by a thread... teacher-friends who continue to inspire each other with their energy and ideas, even when they are physically and emotionally spent... teacher-friends who lift and encourage one another so they can continue to grow and take steps forward. Without these relationships, the walk would be lonely and one-dimensional. Thank you, specifically, Trina, Cara, Robin, Elaine, and Alexis for sparking my imagination!

  3. Love this post! I am thankful for my teacher friends! I am so glad to work with so many wonderful and inspirational teachers. Education has changed so much it easy to be frustrated and complain about it. I am grateful to be surrounded by people (like you) who remind me of the joys of teaching and learning!

    1. Thank you, Alexis. So much of what I love about teaching came from you!