Monday, February 9, 2015

Kids Playing Teacher

One of our favorite things to do is to play teacher! As far back as I can remember, my friends and I played teacher. I even made my poor younger brother be the student who made bad choices. Sometimes, if he was really nice to me, I let him be the principal! I probably should have been nicer to him. Now he makes six times my salary! You live and you learn.

Most kids are no exception to the appeal of playing teacher. In my class, all kids get the chance to be the teacher in two ways. Students get to read to the class (a big favorite) and or go over the morning bell work (another favorite). Both of these roles are a huge hit with all kids. This role is optional and never mandatory nor without support if they need it. For some reason, kids really love doing this. I think it empowers them and makes them feel like they are in control of something. Even children who struggle rise to the occassion and walk away feeling good about their abilities.

The classroom environment makes a difference as well. We work hard to create a safe, family-like environment so that all children feel as if they can take risks. This especially helps when kids are up in front of the room. Allowing my class to play this role helps for future presentations. It also helps kids feel in charge, and have a sense of purpose. It can be quite funny to watch kids mimic things you have said, as well.

My favorite thing about allowing kids to be the teacher is to see what they come up with. Now groups of kids have taken it upon themselves to perform plays. The engagement, fluency work, and excitement are priceless.

Sometimes we need to give kids the opportunity to be in charge it shows them that we trust and value them. Plus, it is a time to sit back and observe just what kids can really do!


  1. Great post... I like the part about how letting the kids play this role now sets them up to be comfortable in the future when they're giving presentations in your class. It's very child-friendly. No wonder they feel safe in your room. :)

  2. Great post! I love the part about giving students a sense of purpose. WIth all the shifts in education, we have moved away from authentic learning. Love these ideas for bringing a real authentic purpose for students!